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Design is sexy. I’ll be the first to admit that. It draws eyeballs to messaging, can help explain novel and complex business ideas, and can turn even the most boring of pitch decks into something engaging. That being said, to ensure that your visuals have the most impact and that your messaging is both relevant and clear, there are a few keep steps to take to establish your objectives before launching any kind of campaign.

Define Your Target Audience:

You won’t have much luck selling sand in a desert, but the right customer will buy it by the truckload. The key to finding those customers is to do your research, find out where they are, and bring your message to them. Is your product or service geared to a specific gender, age group, or industry? Do they spend a lot of time on social media? If so, what platform? Is it suited for someone with a particular lifestyle? The more things you know about who your customer is, the easier it will be to get your marketing message before them, have them find value in your product or service and build a mutually beneficial exchange.

Find Your Communication Style

In a world of elevator pitches and constantly trying to explain detailed lists of product benefits, defining your message can be surprisingly difficult. The way information is presented should vary depending on the audience, but always make a concerted effort to never overwhelm. Too many benefits or too much information, especially when rattled off in a small window of time, can make your audience disengaged and prevent them from synthesizing your message.

Test Your

Marketing your startup will be an iterative process. As your company evolves, so will your messaging and it is crucial to notice how your message is received at every turn. Are people craving more information? Is the message too complex for people to grasp immediately? Reach out to people in your circles and workshop a few ideas, run a makeshift focus group or A/B test where you present them variations of an ad or email and ask which they found most persuasive.

Startup culture is very fast-paced, but taking a few moments to slow everything down and really try to view your brand’s communication from a marketing lens first will set you on the path to profitability.