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Hi! My name is Mia, and I create brands.

As a brand strategist & design consultant, it is not only my job, but my pleasure to work with clients in order to establish their branding and communications plans. I am passionate about seeing people succeed and can work with you in a variety of ways to ensure your brand is putting its best foot forward.



With strategic planning, captivating design, and a focus on sustainable growth, we elevate your brand’s narrative and ensure its resonance with your audience. Our tailored approach is designed to stand the test of time, ensuring that your brand isn’t just seen, but remembered.


We delve into your brand’s core, crafting a Marketing or Branding Strategy that resonates. Establishing brand messaging isn’t just about words; it’s about creating a voice that embodies your brand’s ethos and engages your audience. This strategic foundation sets the stage for your brand’s success.


Design is where strategy is translated into a visual narrative that captivates and connects. Our design services meticulously craft each element, from logos to layouts, to reflect your brand’s personality and values, ensuring every visual touchpoint resonates deeply with your audience.


By equipping your team with the right tools and knowledge, we ensure that your brand not only maintains its relevance but excels. From comprehensive style guides to hands-on training in the latest DIY marketing tools, our approach is designed to keep your brand dynamic, informed, and ahead of the curve.

Multi-disciplinary Experience You Can Leverage

For the past 16 years, I have been bridging the gap between design and marketing to create holistic and impactful campaigns that articulate my clients’ messaging. With experience in everything from copywriting to creative direction and video production, I have achieved great results for my wonderful clients.


Satisfied Clients


Previous Work

I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing clients in varying stages of maturity. Whether it’s creating a pitch deck for a startup or fleshing out collateral for a corporate client, I’m very proud of the work I have been able to do. 

What Clients Are Saying

“Really appreciated the chance to hire Mia. She was attentive in her communication and prompt in completing the work. She understood the assignment and delivered what was needed and expected.”

Chris S.

Sr. Director of Marketing, Tritura

“I’d highly recommend working with Mia. She has substantial expertise, and we found that she was able to get us what we were looking for at least twice as fast as more junior designers with lower rates. Communication was easy and and prompt, and turnaround after every request was very quick. We will likely hire her again if we have other similar projects.”

Jennie J.

Co-founder, Retirement Atlas

“This is the 3rd time I have hired her to help me with designing a presentation. She definitely is a skilled designer – I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs a pitch deck or presentation that looks amazing!”

Jane G.

Entrepreneur, Multiple Ventures

“Mia was exceptional to work with. We were working on a tight deadline and needed someone to turnkey several elements of an existing project super fast. She accommodated our schedule beautifully and was proactive to offer design elements we didn’t even expect. Super professional, and We will definitely work with Mia again!! Fantastic Experience!!

Alicia K.

Sr. Executive Administrator, Supreme Lending



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